About Texas 2020.org

Texas2020.org is a joint project powered by volunteers from non-partisan groups, RepresentUs Texas & Common Cause Texas. We’re just regular people who want to make changes to our government so that it works for all of us. We created an engaging and easy-to-use digital voter resource that: describes ten problems that undermine our ability to influence public policy, outlines solutions that will improve our representative democracy, and provides voters the opportunity to compare and choose candidates based on the solutions they support.

About This Guide

Which candidates are in this guide?
We surveyed all candidates running in Texas for the U.S. Senate, the U.S.House of Representatives, the State Senate, and the State House of Representatives. Candidates who responded weighed in on the ten common-sense solutions that aim to improve our election system and reduce our legislator’s dependence on big money.

The list of candidates comes from the Texas Secretary of State’s web page. Candidate responses displayed in our voter guide came directly from the candidate. If you have questions about a candidate’s position, we encourage you to contact them directly.
How was candidate data collected?

We made every effort to ensure that each candidate had the opportunity to share their positions with the public. We collected and verified campaign contact information, regularly sent out reminders, and we will continue to accept candidate submissions through the election.

What are the underlying problems?

Our election system contributes to polarization, lack of choices, voter apathy, and voter suppression. The current rules for financing elections and lobbying and the lack of enforcement of those rules has created a political system that no longer functions as a government of the people, by the people, for the people. This is why we see no progress on the issues we care about. To learn more visit the How We Can Fix Things section.

How can we make a difference?

The 2020 election provides the perfect opportunity to take a huge step towards fixing our political system. Watch our series of quick, informative videos that outline the flaws in our political system. Decide for yourself which solutions you agree with and then compare your selections against the candidate selections’ - Who Are My Candidates section. Identify the candidates who agree with the solutions you support.

Then VOTE TO FIX the system!

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Our founders:

The Texas 2020 Voter guide was founded in early 2020 by two women from different backgrounds, Gina Fant-Simon, a self-proclaimed “Accidental Activist” and Paula Barkan, a working mom who founded the Austin chapter of RepresentUs.

Paula and Gina want the site and its content - educational videos explaining the challenges to democracy and candidate guide for the 2020 Texas state and federal elections - to reach millions of currently unregistered, uninformed or confused Texans and drive better-informed voters to the polls.